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for your home or bususess - the next generation of brink's home security. call now. >>> washington wizards all star gilbert arenas on the sidelines tonight. nba suspended him indefinitely, without pay for brandishing a gun in the team's locker room. arenas admitted he had the gun saying he was simply playing a joke on a teammate. he has since apologized for actions. he could be in more trouble than just the suspension. local and federal law enforcement are investigating the incident. professional athletes consider themselves potential targets and carry weapons to protect themselves but sometimes carrying a weapon can end up causing trouble for athletes. in 2008 pro football player plaxico burris accidentally shot himself in the leg with a gun he was carrying at a nightclub. now sending a two-year sentence after pleading guilty to weapons charges. >> with more on athletes and guns, roger kosik, espn legal analyst. and mike wise, sports columnist for "washington post." glad you could make it. roger, let's start with you. what happened to the days of the harlem globe trotters? so clean cut, n
. >>> let's take a look at ronald reagan washington national airport where you can see the snow falling out there. it is looking worse than it is now. basically an inch or maybe a little bit more in some of the outlying areas. around town not too bad. most of the roads seem to be pretty good. >>> good morning, everyone, welcome to this early edition of "news4 today," i'm eun yang. >>> good morning, i'm joe krebs. we have a couple of delays to pass to you. montgomery county schools are operating on a two hour delay. grant county in west virginia. those schools are operating on a two hour delay. the excel academy public charter school in d.c. also a two hour delay and the central records complex is operating on unscheduled leave. fairfax county schools are also operating on a two hour delay. we expect more delays and we don't have any cancelations so far but if we get them we'll post them at the bottom of the screen and tell you about them. let's take another look outside. >>> ronald reagan washington national airport, you can see the snow flurries out there. i expect to see more snow on the
>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> thank you for joining us on this friday. we have bill live picture. the snow is coming down. it is our very light snow. >> the first snow of the new year has arrived. we have just one school delay. >> your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. brian is in the early to tell us the latest on the forecast. >> it will be wrapping up. i just got off the phone with a nice lady. the main roads are fine. she was out walking her dog. it was slippery. we do not want to give people a soft sense of security. let's take you over to the radar. our snow and we're seeing light to moderate over here. west of bowie, to district heights. also a band working its way down to the south and west to the springfield area over near 234 and the fairfax county parkway. you see the numbers. there range from freezing to near 30 degrees. -- they range from freezing to near 30 degrees. you can see the snow the pushed through last night. it continues to march eastward. we will seek a gradual clearing. probably about half an inch to
coast to coast. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning, washington. 6:00. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. we are glad you are joining us. we do have some school closings and delays. let's get right to the list. >>> let's get right to your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff. >> we have one patch of snow in southern maryland. you have to feel bad for the kids in d.c.. light snow down to lower calvert county, southeastern prince george's and into charles. it is all moving east towards the bay. temperatures around the 30- degree mark. let's show you some of the other numbers. we're in the 20's. your forecast for today, we're talking low 30's. temperatures will fall. temperatures in the teens plater tonight. -- temperatures in the teens later tonight. >> we have plenty of traffic just starting to meandered out of the neighborhood. the volume of traffic is still light
. >> the washington wizards played the orlando magic at verizon. they have put the starting lineups on the scoreboard, then changed it to eliminate the name gilbert arenas. have you gotten your seasonal flu vaccination? great - but your work's not done yet. we still need to get the h1n1 flu vaccination. you, me -- we shou all get one. the vaccine is safe and proven effective against this highly contagious new strain of flu virus. we can help prevent the spread of this virus if we all just roll up our sleeves. to learn more about the h1n1 flu vaccination visit h1n1get1.com or call your local health department it's up to you to fight the flu. >>> ups is the latest company to announce job cuts, cutting 1800 management positions across the country as part of bait restructuring plan. ups says no operating facilities will be closed under the new plan. >>> no. did notto the jobs mark. -- november did not bring cheer to the jobs market. >> rebecca cooper has what president obama is proposing to stimulate growth. >> president obama announced new tax incentives totaling $2.2 billion for companies promoting gre
, nbc news, washington. >>> word came from the pentagon tonight that defense secretary robert gates will stay on for at least another year. the commitment is open-ended. gates is the lone holdover from the bush administration. >>> security video of the concern at newark airport this past weekend shows it was caused by an officer who left his post. then a man who wanted to give a woman one last good-bye kiss. the video shows the man seen in a tan coat slipped under a rope meant to keep unscreened people out of secured areas. he did that after the officer walked away. the man meets a woman in a white jacket and they walk away hand in hand. that incident shut down the airport for hours, and it delayed thousands of passengers. >>> the washington wizards appear to be distancing themselves from gilbert arenas as the scandal unfolds. arenas himself seems to finally be staying out of the public spotlight. craig melvin is the at verizon center with the latest. >> reporter: doreen, the symbolism here the at verizon today, bold and unmistakable. the organization distancing itself from its supe
journalists in washington to discuss politics and to ridicule might flambe efforts. we will be right back. >> "white house chronicle" is produced in collaboration with whut, howard university television. and now, the program host, national syndicated columnist, llewellyn king, and co-host, linda gasparello. >> hello again, and thank you so much for coming along. everything haseen removed but i am here with the four brilliant people. linda laughing. i can cook. >> i am laughing through the running mascara. >> joe mathieu, of sirius xm radio. politics of the united states for people of the united states. extraordinary interesting political program. three hours a day. i am happy to say that until this point in time i have been included on fridays. one of my journalistic heroes, j.j. green, who is the national security correspondent of all news radio here in washington, wtop. i want to tell you you do a superb job. >> thank you, and so do you. >> you are very nice. but this is not about that. but you have been to afghanistan and i thought your coverage was extraordinary. i really mean that. b
championship. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good friday morning, washington. i'm doug mceay. >> and i'm alison starling. great to have you joining us. the snow did fall walt used up. we have some school closings and delays. charles county schools are closed. howard county, two hours late. fairfax county schools are opening two hours late. >> falls church city schools will be opening two hours late. >>> your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. will check chemiclet's start wi. >> we have our last band of snow. then we will see some improvement. everything will work out just fine. the main roads look good. here is the last batch of snow from upper marlboro along 301 and crosses into 50. southern maryland had an extra hit of snow. they could be up to two inches of snow. most of us, half an inch to about two inches or so. doubt into stafford county, some light flurries. the side streets could be slippery. temperatures are just below freez
buses in fairfax struggled to be on schedule as the washington region confronted ice, snow, and cold winds and temperatures. this man used his leaf blower to blow away the light dusting of snow. most roads in the district, even ones with steep hills, were reported mostly clear of snow and ice as the colder evening approached. just in the last few minutes, we've seen two men walk by in bermuda shorts. we don't know what they're thinking. wendy, i was out here. there are a lot of people with those recyclable bags. lots and lots of people have them. at least they have something to put their gloves in when they buy them because it's so cold. >> people are starting to make a connection. that's great. thank you, tom. >>> in virginia, there were no major problems today, but now officials are asking for federal help with snow removal costs. they've spent between 30 and $35 million for snow removal this winter. during last month's historic blizzard alone, they spent $11 million in northern virginia. despite the costs, officials don't expect any budget cuts. in montgomery county, snow covered
's family. his mother passed away tonight. he left washington yesterday to be with her. katherine jean biden had been hospitalized what since march and she was 92 years old. >>> a smoky smell on a flight caused an airport to close down. a connection flight to columbus, ohio was canceled. investigators believe it may have been caused by deicing fluid at the boston airport. nobody was injured. >>> airports have been extra cautious since the attempted bombing of a northwest airlines airplane on christmas day. this afternoon, the man arrested in that attack appeared in court for the first time. scott thuman joins us. he pled not guilty? >> that is right, not guilty plea for umar farouk abdulmutallab. he also said he was on pain pills for the burns suffered during the incident, where he now faces life in prison. under tight security, with barricades surrounding the courthouse, umar farouk abdulmutallab was brought in in this unmarked issue feet and brought underground. inside, he pled not guilty, on charges of trying to blow up this airplane and the almost 300 people on board. >> blowing up an ai
? that's hollywood. we're talking washington tonight. his romance comes with a calculator. you have to wait to find out who it is. >> greta: 40 against 1 in the united states senate all 40 republican senators just fired off a letter senator harry reid pressing him to put health care negotiations on c-span. speaker of house nancy pelosi got a letter of her own. republican members of the house rules committee signed a litter to the speaker pressing her to put negotiations on c-span. some republicans in the house have been fighting for months for more transparency one is congressman leader in the gop transparency. how are we doing on this effort to get transparency in the house? >> we've got the people with us, we don't have the speaker with us. that's the problem. she controls the cameras. the sad thing you have the president of the united states campaigning time and time again in town hall meetings in indian ohio the debate that went on with google across the country saying this health care negotiationses will be different if i'm president we'll put it on c-span it will be out north
that. you are not seeing snowfall and indeed, in most of washington, d.c. right now, we are not seeing snowfall. let me take a look at hd radar. we'll show you what is going on out there. first of all, as we see the snow is really pushing off to the east as expected. in d.c., no snow. we are still seeing snow in waldorf, la plata, chesapeake beach, off to the east. annapolis, it is not snowing there. you might be getting a flurry or something like that that is not showing up on radar but the bulk of the snow has pushed off to the east. we'll show you some snowfall totals later on this hour. the highest totals we've seen have been up towards two inches and that is about it as expected. the storm system making its way eastward. now, lingering snow -- i wouldn't say lingering snow. it is still snowing in northern pennsylvania, upstate new york, places like that. new jersey, snow there so if you are traveling up to the northeast, you mayen counter some delays but for us, most of the snow pushing off to the east. there is another little band shaping up out to the west. as i said earlier, ca
have a decent burst of snow going on. you can see live doppler nine thousand in washington the snow is clear of the beltway in to southern prince georges county in too calvert and anne arundel county, over in charles county as we continue to go to the south. one of our new storm reports came in. two inches and still snowing. it has been coming down. annapolis starts to clear out in the next 20 minutes or so. the eastern shore, the white bands from queenstown across the bay to shady side and beale. that's the moderate snow going on. calvert couldn't city snowing at a good clip. plum point, chesapeake beach, badden, waldorf to hughsville seeing it but starting to clear out in charles county. in virginia it's over. mechanicsville to saint leonard and lusby seeing it. jan in reedville said she had two inches and a little rain mixing in down in in the reedville area. back to the weather computer and show you the storm which is pulling away from us. as it does so the winds will shift too the northwest and the cold air is coming in. 20s in the shenandoah valley up to martinsburg and winche
think pitt or clooney? that's hollywood. we're talking washington tonight. his romance comes with a calculator. you have to wait to find out who it is. i keep track of my entire business on this spreadsheet... and all of these. paid invoices go right here. bang! - that hasn't been paid yet. - what? - huh-uh. - all my business information is just a phone call away-- to my wife... who's not answering. announcer: there's a better way to run your business. intuit quickbooks online organizes your business in one place. it easily creates invoices and helps you stay on top of your business anytime, anywhere. this is way better. get a 30-day free trial at intuit.com. >> greta: 40 against 1 in the united states senate all 40 republican senators just fired off a letter senator harry reid pressing him to put health care negotiations on c-span. speaker of house nancy pelosi got a letter of her own. republican members of the house rules committee signed a litter to the speaker pressing her to put negotiations on c-span. some republicans in the house have been fighting for months for more
is pushing south and east of washington, we can zoom in to the areas south and east. this stuff is really coming down. you can see it from annapolis to donaldssonville and waldorf and quantico and wood are woodbridge. north of 66 and fairfax county, you are done with the snow. montgomery and howard county, snow is over for you. in the district we are just about done except for the extreme southeast and southwest. go to the weather computer and show you the storm system. the snow across the east and even a little in norfolk but they are in the mid-30s. in the mountains get ready for another blast of the cold air, which will give you another blast of snow. we have temperatures sitting right at 32 here in town. mid-20s in me shenandoah valley. it is 33 with the snow in patuxent river and fredericksburg but we have colder air moving in. as we look at it one more time. there's the snow and it is just about over. i think it will end southeast of us over the next 30 to 60 minutes. we have had a couple of problems out there thanks to the snow. overall things are looking good considering
national reporting one tent of an inch of snow. ray dan is the official site for washington, so washington barely a trace. forecast for today looks like this: after we get the snow out of here, the forecast looks like this: we will see for us during the course of the day today some sunshine work its way in here later on, but it will become rather windy later today and our high temperatures only in the low 30s, 32 in alexandria, 33 in baltimore, 31 in chantilly, we'll go with 33 for a high in the district. that's a look at the weather, let's get an update on traffic with julie wright. >>> we're talking about icy patches out there. they just kind of pop up on us. callers are reporting in on the outer loop of the beltway as you come around the big curve, 270 merges onto the beltway. we're receiving reports of icy conditions there. we pulled the camera up, it's blurry unfortunately at eisenhower avenue, outer loop of the beltway, right lane is blocked up, disabled truck causing a backup from telegraph road. for the most part our interstates looking pretty good. our secondary roads are questi
passing east of washington. the snow has ended in washington. still snowing moderately in fairfax, southern prince william, into stafford and spotsylvania, charles county, prince george's county getting that band of moderate snow as is anne arundel county and moving into calvert and sane mary's. elsewhere a few passing snow showers further to the west moving into the shenandoah valley. those may be moving into the metro area later on this morning. here are the snow totals. anywhere from an inch and a half in southern maryland to about a half inch to an inch around washington and nearby suburbs. the temperatures are at or below freezing all around the region. what has fallen is sticking on the untreated surfaces and the view from space is showing a few lingering showers further to our north and west. those may be passing through perhaps late morning, mid-morning. after that a little sun breaking up. blustery winds and stay cold generally at or below freezing through the rest of the afternoon and through the weekend. sub freezing frigid weekend. morning lows teens. afternoon highs 2
against an animal shelter. peta says the staff is untrained. the shelter run by the washington humane society is fighting back. robbie chaf vedz has the -- chavez has the investigation. >> reporter: peta accuses the shelter of grows incompetence. but adoptions are up 10 percent. peta fired off this letter to the mayor demanding action. >> i suspect that some of the things that they are doing violate the d.c. cruelty code. >> reporter: it's a stinging criticism from peta, alleged inhuman conditions. >> you can see a dog with wound that are severe. >> reporter: peta says their own investigation shows animals living in urine, diseased and unsanitary conditions. >> untrained, rude to the public and unresponsive to calls. >> they care so much about these animals. they are hurt and upset by this and i feel an obligation to defend them because this is not the washington humane society >> reporter: we wanted to give you an independent look inside the washington animal shelter but the city and department of health resed to allow the cameras inside. as a result, you won't get to look firsthand.
estudio difundido hoy en washington..maria rosa lucchini nos trae los detalles... reportera: legalizar a indocumentados seria una ganancia para el pais... segun un informe, una reforma inmigratoria podria generar 1.5 millones de millones de dolares durante un periodo de 10-aÑos... "la gente que quiere oponerse a inmigracion es por otras razones, no pueden tratar decirte es por razones economicas, es por razones de racimos o nativismo que no quieren a inmigrantes aqui, que lo digan, pero que no empiecen a decir que es por razones econocas"repor tambien indica que deportar a indocumentados reduciria los ingresos del pais aproximadamente 2.5- millones de millones en 10-aÑos.. y sin incluir los costos de las deportaciones... "lo que es la solucion es la legalizacion plena de todos los trabajadores inmediato, segundo de crear un sistema para que trabajadores en el futuro puedan venir aqui legalmente" reportera: sectores conservadores no estan de acuerdo...dicen que el informe es una tactica para contrarrestar oposicion a una reforma inmigratoria...
and security review is expected in court today. i'm viviana hurtado washington with the story coming up. >>> it's 5:06. we are looking outside with temperatures at the gilman school. it's 27 degrees outside. still leftover snow showers. we'll show you that on maryland's most powerful doppler radar coming up. >>> right now, let's go to the mta and check in with mark jones. >> good morning. the streets and secondary roadways are are causing a problem for buses. icy conditions on the 77 bus. among the diversions it's by passing catonsville community did i college. the number 10 by passing yale heights. the 20 bus will buy pass monastery. the number 64 and 16 by passing 10th street. the 23 not using long wood parkway. light rail metro subway on time and up to speed and out there on the m.a.r.c. train system no current delays or problems. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. en cualquier lugar que so i make them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm, flaky pastry with delicious, sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get box tops for their school. t
should go out there. >> sean: in all fairness he wind the only one away from washington in the aftermath of this attempted attack. the president was in hawaii. homeland security secretary janet napolitano was in san francisco telling us, that the system worked. maybe you know that is what general jones thought was so shocking many joining me with more an of is former presidential candidate tennessee senator fred thompson. welcome back, happy new year. >> thank you sean happy new year. >> sean: what do you find shocking in the announcement today and press conference? >> the fact that a person that practically has i am a terrorist tattooed on their forehead, could get through the system and get on this plane and almost kill 300 people. i think that's the shocking thing about it. there was every indication this guy was a bad news like you say he paid cash for his ticket. he was a young male muslim. he went through yemen. he checked no luggage on an international flight. i have been pulled out of line, i'm sure you have, on several different occasions. >> sean: more than you. >> patted down
degrees below zero. it's 18. that's what it feels like right now in washington, d.c. 11 in hagerstown. 20 it feels like currently in richmo richmond, virginia. low windchills for tonight and tomorrow morning. and really even for this weekend. it will be breezy. we're talking about highs for the weekend being below freezing. so by 7:00, we'll drop to 28 degrees. 27 by 9:00. by 11:00 p.m., we'll be down to 25 degrees. your fast forecast then, a cold, blustery weekend coming up. kind of like last weekend. no storms on the horizon. none at all. so you might like that about the seven-day forecast. what about the temperatures for next week? will they be as cold, as low as what we've seen ini'll tell you in just a few minutes. >> thanks, veronica. >>> in virginia,ransportation officials are asking for federal help with their snow removal costs. out of a $93 million statewide, northern virginia has spent $35 million of that budget. last month alone, most of that was spent. officials say despite the costs they don't expect to run out of money or see any budget cuts. >>> while most of the d.c. regi
was surrounded by her family and many other loved ones. the vice president left washington yesterday to be at her side. today he said his mother taught her children that family is to be treasured, loyalty is paramount and that faith would guide them through the tough times. catherine eugenia finnegan biden was 92. >>> coming up, we'll tell you about a train that arrived at its destination 19 hours late. >>> icy roads cause major problems down in the south today. >> whoa. >>> budget cuts at fairfax county schools could eliminate sports teams and foreign language programs. >>> and we'll tell you about two guys who went to the top of the world's tallest building and then jumped. >>> wizards playing their first game without gilbert arenas tonight. lindsay is at verizon. she will have a live report. and alabama turns the tide against the longhorns. >>> parents in fairfax county will notice changes at their kids' school if new plans proposed by the school's superintendent are approved. among the changes offered are eliminating all freshman sports to save money, increasing class sizes by one student, el
: welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. president obama says the christmas day attempted bombing of u.s. airliner was the result of a failure to connect and understand intelligence that the government already had and that he is ultimately responsible. late this afternoon, the president outlined steps he is ordering to tighten things up. senior white house correspondent major garrett is live on the north lawn with details. >> reporter: good evening. there is a lot of ground to cover but the proud outline of the president's statement and the unclassified report released by the counterterrorism advisor are these. the president said we are at war. though the president said it before it was generally in the context of afghanistan. what he and his advisors say is most surprising to them is al-qaeda and the arabian pence, yemen, is not an aspirational terrorist cell but operational one that is a real and lethal threat to the united states. the president described the suspect in the case umar farouk abdulmutallab as a knowner theer r e er t known terrorist. one who never should have been aboa
. >> reporter: well, in northwest washington, not feeling very hard. a few snowflakes hitting your jacket and they disappear just a matter of seconds. what's going to happen overnight, reminding them the beauty of snow. and winter coming silently awakening to the breathtaking areas. well, poetically true unless you have to drive in it and pay for it. at 9:15 this evening, highways are standing by at the river road in a small place out there standing by the deal in what happens when the snow lits the washington roads. montgomery county alone, to deal with what costs money. >> reporter: the unexpected severity of last month's storm for prince george's county, budgeting $1.9 million for the whole year is already spending $2.6 million. >> we base our budget on an average of what we have spent over the past several years. and certainly the money that had been allocated for this entire budget was basically what we have spent last year. >> reporter: she says the county will find the money somehow and promises. >> we're going to continue to provide class a services. >> reporter: budgeting $26 mil
. the washington, d.c. area, you can imagine with all the government jobs being created and the companies serving the government has been a very strong job market. >> yeah. the journal this morning, rents in d.c. are now topping rents in new york, which is sort of a sad twist but says a lot about our economy. quick question on the mobility thing. i saw numbers yesterday about how the inability to sell your house is hampering people's ability to take a job, even if they get one, right? >> absolutely. in the beginning of 2009 when we were losing so many jobs and the housing market was terrible, we saw circumstances where people just couldn't relocate. they couldn't get out of the house they were in to relocate. that's improved substantially. people are in a better position now to get out of the homes they're in and to relocate. there are certainly still parts of the country where that is still a very difficult prop sig. but as a systemic issue, that's improved through the end of 2009. >> is it your gut that we will see perhaps another negative jobs number in the months to come? >> you know, i don't
-stars and the friday lightning round right here, right now. welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. the man authorities say tried to blow up an american airliner on christmas day went before a judge today. correspondent steve brown has the story from detroit. in his first court appearance, umar farouk abdulmutallab through his attorney pled not guilty to all six counts in the federal indictment charging him with attempting to detonate a bomb concealed in his underwear aboard northwest flight 253. wearing a white t-shirt and olive pants, the nigerian national spoke softly as he confirmed he was not challenging being held without bond. standing with abdulmutallab, miriam ceiver, one of three public dependers with strong reputations. >> i would describe them as the a-plus team. they are extraordinary lawyers, individually and, and they will be extraordinary defense team as a group. >> bret: although it was thought that abdulmutallab's father would be at the arraignment, he was not. >> let him through. let him through. >> bret: instead, on hand was one person from the nigerian embassies and attorneys repre
's jonathan martin. >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell, live in washington. the arraignment for the christmas day terror suspect is expected to begin in an hour, facing new charges today that could put him away for the rest of his life. nbc news correspondent john yang live in detroit. john, thanks for joining us. what do we expect in court today? >> reporter: well, andrea, it should be a fairly short hearing. some of the people in the u.s. attorney's office and court officials say it may not last more than a couple of minutes. prosecutors will come in, the case will be called. prosecutors will come in, enter their names on the record as respecting the government. the federal public defenders, who have been appointed to defend mr. abdulmutallab will stand up, enter their names on to the record. the new charges will be read to abdulmutallab. he was indicted, new indictment on wednesday, including the charge of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. that's a terrorism charge that could bring him the life prison term. he will enter a plea and then it could be all over in just a couple o
in northwest washington, it looks like we are not seeing snow but we continue to see snow in prince george's county, fairfax county, waldorf, out in that region. off across the chesapeake bay as well. let's get to view. we'll show you the big picture. here is your storm system. you can see the back edge of that system will be coming through here shortly. however, i do think we have the chance of getting a little more snow filling in. not a lot but a little more. and than it moves out of here. you will see the snow cease to the west first and the eastern portions of the area will be the last to get the snow out of here as it is moving west to east. current tperatures around the region, these are key. 32degrees in d.c. 30 in annapolis. 32 in stevens vipdville and in leonardtown. out to the west, our temperatures are in the 20s. far ut to the west, check it out, beckly, west virginia, eight degrees. those are the areas where they will get more snowfall. some of those regions under a winter storm warning. for us, count usc in blue under a winter weather advisory until 8:00 a.m. there are a few
how much the democrats are going to lose in congress. scene of about washington, d.c. what about afghanistan itself? there are four issues, and they are not totally linked, and is afghanistan, pakistan, taliban, and outside of. i do not have time to get into pakistan, but it will probably depend on internal factors. in terms of afghanistan, let me repeat that we do not have any vital interest in afghanistan. we do not have any vital interest except domestic national security. that is why we are in afghanistan. we're looking closely to yemen. 10 years ago we would have been looking at the sudan, so you can see we do not have any vital interest in afghanistan itself except for domestic national security interests. that leads to the next question. what is the threat here in the united states and the west? i have done a survey of all of the al qaeda plots in the last 20 years since the creation of al qaeda. there has been no outsider insurgents as trumpeted three years ago even by some people on this panel. there have been only two lots with 2 al qaeda, and probably in new york -- tw
in the first place. >> viviana hurtado joins us from washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, vinita and jeremy. the president said this was not one person's, but a systemwide failure. the president assigned and took blame for the intelligence and security failures connected to the christmas day terror plot. >> ultimately, the buck stops with me. as president, i have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and our people. and when the system fails, it is my responsibility. >> reporter: later today, the alleged bomber is scheduled to be arraigned in a federal court. the declassified version of the president's security and intelligence report, points to agency failures that allowed abdulmutallab, come close to blowing up an airplane. conclusions from the review include, the government had sufficient information before the attack to disrupt the 23-year-old nigerian to prevent boarding the flight to detroit. the government's terror watchlist system failed. the president's top counterterrorism chief took responsibility and pledged to do better. >> i told the presiden
2010. >> we will have the latest, "good morning washington" starts right now. >> live, in high-definition. this is "good morning washington" on your side. >> good morning for all of you out there. there may be some slippery spots on the roadway out there. we will begin with your traffic and your whether every 10 minutes. >> we will start with brian, and this is coming down right now. >> the last of this is right overhead outside of the roslyn area. this is over to rocks fell -- rockville and more showers going out to the plains, and the storm chasers is heading out west and he will be giving as reports in a little bit. we have seen reports of a half inch to 1 inch and a half, and this is in line with what we have heard today. we have a light dusting, and it could be slippery in some spots as we go through the day. there are plenty of slack spots out there. -- slick spots out there. we have some wind and some sun trying trying -- some sunshine trying to break through. there are not a lot of big changes coming in during the weekend. there are no active systems on the horizon. it
is in washington with details. >> reporter: one thing the president is not doing is he's not calling for a complete overhaul of our national security system. but he does say it needs some fine tuning and he's telling people within the intel against community to do a better job. umar farouk abdulmutallab faces a six count indictment. the 23-year-old nigerian is accused of attempting to use a mass deprugs instruction, trying to destroy an aircraft and attempting to murder 289 individuals. no one was seriously hurt in the botched christmas day attack, but the very fact that abdulmutallab was even on a u.s. plane has sparked a massive review of the nation's security. >> when the system fails, it is my responsibility. >> reporter: president obama says the buck stops with him. but he's also demanding that the intelligence community do a better job. security agencies must now establish clear lines of responsibility for following leads and sharing information. and he's ordered improvements in the system for putting people on no-fly lists. >> we must follow the leads that we get. and we must pursue them unt
. "washington journal " is next. . >> sprawling national apparatus failing to in i kate a single terrorist that fell through the cracks. 8 years after 9/11 and the architecture that was supposed to improve sharing and acting on information. the u.s. is better at collecting intelligence but as thursday's report shows. nowhere good enough. intelligence agencies had information sufficient to discover the plot that failed put it all together. the "washington post" goes on to say this lack of clear lines is disturbing in any business. it's in excusable when national security is involved. that the president of the united states should tell the cia to issue guidance of the timely distribution of intelligence reports is unsettling to put it mindly. it's mind-boggling the president felt the need to instruct the director of national intelligence to take further steps to raise the standard of trade craft analysis especially analysis designed to uncover terrorists plots either this is boilerplate or the country is in a world of trouble. that's "washington post" this morning. here's the "wall street jo
. there a continuing debate here in washington about what to do and whether to do anything. >> yeah. so i know you all have had on the show carmen reinhart and ken rogoff who has written a book about the history of financial crises and it shows on average unemployment rises for four to five years after a financial crisis. that would take us to 2011 or 2012. the reason people think it will not raise for that long is, in fact, this aggressive response, this big stimulus package, the federal reserve move. nd so there is wide agreement, not unanimous but wide agreement that government policy has helped soften the downturn. the problem is at this point we're not going to get another huge stimulus package. we probably shouldn't get another huge stimulus package given the deficit fears that a lot of people have. so the responses the government will have at this point are muted. >> reporter: the president today had a targeted green job. >> the targeted green jobs which really isn't that big, right. we're talking about at most i think he said tens of thousands of jobs. and that is relative to what we've got in
. there is no word what day he will leave washington but the party is 11:00 in the morning to 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon on the 30th. >>> coming up, icy roads lead to a ridiculous, 27-car pileup in atlanta. >>> the recession may be behind us, but the latest news from the labor front shows we are suffering the after shock. we'll be right back. >>> stocks end the week higher. the dow finished the day up 11 points to close at 10618. when it comes to unemployment, good news and bad news. let's start with the positive, shall we? a revised unemployment report for november shows the economy actually added 4,000 jobs that month, and that would be the first gain in nearly two years. on the other hand, employers cut 85,000 jobs in december, and overall the unemployment rate is stuck at 10%. many of the jobs people are finding these days, temp jobs and experts say it is still an uncertain economy and it makes sense. >> finding a temp, putting that temp in place and seeing how he or she performs is, in itself, a good bang for their buck. >> today, president obama outlined a series of tax credits
and east southeast of washington. quite a bit of sunshine shenandoah valley through the rest of virginia. all this associated with some cold, dry air that is continuing to me in from the midwest, the area of low pressure that gave us the snow this morning is now moving off to our north and east. as we go forward over the next 48 hours, we'll see that low pressure exiting and high pressure build in from the midwest, will bring in another surge of frigid, arctic air that is going to be moving in and it will be in place for the weekend, but it should be dry. so, here's how we're looking for the rest of this friday. we'll have those blustery, cold-cutting winds out of the northwest, gusting 30 to 35 miles an hour, with some clouds racing through from time to time and highs only reaching near the freezing mark. then overnight tonight, back down into the mid-20s by midevening and then the teens tomorrow morning. and the winds will diminish tomorrow, thankfully, because highs only in the upper 20s tomorrow. we'll have a few clouds around then. lots of sun on sunday. a clear and coldtart sunday
the new american foundation and washington monthly magazine hosts this event. >> thank you all for attending. we really appreciate you all being here today. my name is paul glastris. i'm the editor-in-chief of the washington monthly and a senior fellow here at the new america foundation, so on behalf of the washington monthly and a new america thanks for coming. we are here today to discuss this special report just released in the current issue of the washington monthly called the "the agent orange boomerang" which you can read it washington monthly.com. am ghaffari start ridges monta thanked america come less thank the staff of the washington and the ford foundation for his support. from 1962 to 1971 the u.s. military sprayed close to 20 million gallons of the herbicide agent orange across vietnam to defoliate dense jungle in order to better protect personnel and equipment from north to south and to destroy enemy crops. bats burring we now know left behind a residue of dioxin persisted in highly toxin-- toxic chemical and over the next two decades american soldiers who served
, building within the afghan community, i'd like to mention, there was an interesting "washington post" op-ed piece back in mid november, glen hubbard, the dean of columbia's business school, was reflecting on the funding for pakistan and i assume it has the same thing to do also with pakistan, in terms of models of delivery of programs to support successful economic development. and he harkened back to the successful model of the marshal plan, not suggesting to do a marshal plan per se, but rather to look at the model of how things could be altered and delivered for truly sustainable economic development. how are your plans moving and are they moving in that direction? >> you know what? on my trips to pakistan, i always tried to meet a society and the crit s. of the way we gave fine assistance in pakistan was really harsh. i am particularly in your field, education, they felt they hadn't been consulted but at the higher education and the secondary education level and i talked to some extraordinary, brilliant, pakistani leaders, both in the ngo world and the ministries about this, and we s
on the strategic level and in washington and we need to do a lot better than we have in the past. the final comment that will make is-- which is the arab-israeli conflict. deese to be any kind of talk of this sort would focus elise the fair degree of time would be focused on the arab-israeli conflict. i understand this is an area where the state department has the lead, but clearly in the past this is something which the d.o.t. did devote a fair amount of time in sticking to, but it is clear now with two plus wars further east and in dealing with the issue of iran and iran's the clear program the arab-israeli conflict does not loom as large in the mind of some other policymakers as it used to and it reminds me of a comment made by james wolfensohn after you left his job as represented in an interview with the israeli paper where he stated and i quote, there has to be a moment when the israelis and palestinians understand there a side show. the real global politics and the politics of four in the politics of nuclear weaponry and the weight of the population. i think that is the point that was furthe
to have a very undisciplined approach coming out of washington with regard to fiscal policy. with no road map back to sustainable fiscal balances over the intermediate term causing fears in the markets like you see somewhat today in terms of gold, in terms of the dollar, in terms of long treasuries. secondly, you could have a geopolitical event that would restrict world oil supplies with the issues going on in iran today. i would put the probability of both of those events as being relatively low and wouldn't expect those to happen but those would be the two primary risks that i wouldy. >> all right, gentlemen, great conversation. appreciate it. see you soon. thanks very much. thank you so much. take a look at some of the other business headlines that we're covering this afternoon and kick it off with white house press secretary robert gibbs telling reporters today that president obama still has confidence in treasury secretary timothy geithner. this is as house oversight committee towns says whether the fed improperly influenced aig to hold details from the public about houtfederal bailo
a washington post report. one that included crittenton loading his firearm. >> the entire nba, anyone who con tuckets himself in that way should be gone. >> reporter: meanwhile, the word is surfacing that the event could have been caught on tape. when contacted, the team source said there are no cameras inside the lock r room and the dc police would not confirm is excise the tape. >> until all of the people are interviewed, nobody is going to comment on the tape. >> reporter: the large sign on sixthth street with the words commitment, character and connection. >> i have worked in this build for the last four years. personally, i would take it down. >> reporter: 30 minutes later, she got her wish, the team removed the sign. davis owens 9 news. >>> so the question is, what do you think should happen to gilbert arenas? guns are a very serious matter. the address is mailbag@wusa9.com. don't forget to include your name and where you are writing us from. >>> justice delayed. the honor student accused of plotting against president obama. plus, more metro problems. they are in the red and if they wan
. it >>> alex ovechkin got his first goal as captain of the washington capitals, another big scoring game at the verizon center. nicholas backstrom did most of the damage in the third. tough angle, he likes the lamp, 3-1 capitals. still in the third, alex ovechkin, behind the net. it looks like he will pass, but the wraparound. how sweet is that? four-one capitals. >>> the indefinite gilbert arenas sawgrass seems to be only the beginning. he may have played his last game as a wizard and he may be facing jail time. obviously, he did not learn anything from plaxico burress. this large banner was taken down today at the verizon center. now the wizards employee with knowledge of the situation said other players will be fined for gilbert's should them up gesture before the philadelphia game. >>> the alabama tied it rolled past texas, to physical for the longhorns. colt mccoy got hit from behind, injured and gone. that was a game changer. alabama's first touchdown and the game winner. the tide beats texas, 30-21. alabama is the national champion. >>> a high-school athlete of the week, we go to
? this is a copy of the painting of george washington crossing the delaware paint bid an american-born german. as an inspiration to encourage germans to be more like americans. and that is happening europe and they're saying look overseas progressives were saying look overseas to what's happening in europe. they were studying european way, elite were teaching their philosophies now in our universities, teaching nietzsche and marx and progressives flourished in it. i get heat for bringing up facism but it's the roots leading to facism. early american progressives for for the facists in the early 20th century. read history. you can call me names. read history, show me where i'm wrong. the reason why i bring up hitler is because what he didment of the things had roots, their seeds here in america. the biggest example is eugenics leading to extermination camps. this was a progressive idea. eugenics which led to those camps. you see, the progressives in america always thought that they were superior. the stupid people were just slowing us down. hitler took that to the next level as did stallion. t
decision was being made back in washington by the nctc as to whether or not this suspect really was a terrorist. he was decided to be a potential terrorist, but not a terrorist. so i guess the bottom line here is, number one, we're getting information that we did not have before, and it really does c contradict information we were getting from the state department. and apparently the state department never really did follow up on this issue of the visa until it was very, very late, and that looks like they really dropped the ball on that, john. >> as the president said today, a lot of balls were dropped in this whole case. jill for us in washington. jill, thanks. we're just now getting a look at the surveillance video at the man who caused that massive security nightmare sunday at newark international airport. >> after the man walked the wrong way through a security passageway, officials had to shut down one terminal for hours and then rescreen thousands of passengers, and they never found the guy. susan joins us now live with more. i saw you, actually, in the newsroom. everybod
presenciar este combate. esta semana tambien fue movida en la nfl aca en washington con la contratacion mike vicepresidente ejecutivo de los redskins, mientras que los ravens solo piensan en el playoffs. este domingo 10 de enero arranca la serie de playoffs de la nfl, a la una de la tarde en el guillete stadium, los ravens de baltimore que ganaron el derecho como comodin se enfrentan a los patriots de new england que ganaron su division. por cierto quelos patriots extrañaran a wes welter que sufrio una lesion el pasado fin de semana. este fin de semana arranca el futbol profesional salvadoreÑo y el campeon fas quiere otro ti, zulyrodriguez visito a los tigrillos. el actual campeon club deportivo fas esta listo para comenzar como anfitrion este clausura 2009, defender la copa es el objetivo principal de los tigruillos de occidente quienes ya estan consientes que el atletico marte es un rival de derrotar. "si gracias a dios comensamos como los campeones comensamos en casa y siempre el inicio es importante y esperamos empezar con pie derecho". atletic
in washington. obama is telling intelligence agencies to recognize serious terrorist threats. >> this is the man charged with attempting to blow up the flight. he is 23 years old and facing a life behind bars. he was arrested on this airplane after allegedly trying to bw it up. explosives were sewn into his clothing. at the airports across the u.s. and the world, security has been made tighter. more sophisticated body scanners should be put -- will be put in place and americans are calling for a review of the airport security. >> we must accelerate advanced imaging so we can detect explosives like the one that was used on christmas day. we have 40 machines throughout the united states and in 2010 we will deploy 300 more of them. we may deploy more than that. >> enhanced security is one part of the answer but changes will have to be made with how the u.s. handles their intelligence. >> americans have grown used to the idea that the battle against al qaeda and the associates are taking place overseas. but what happened in this aiort was a reminder that as far as the enemy is concerned, america is
'm with the "washington quarterly" at cis. every since obama has come into office and his speech on november 1 about the troop surge, comparisons have been drawn with vietnam. though we heard the comparison with the soviet invasion, i was just wondering what all of your views were on vietnam, and whether they are comparable or what ways they may not be? >> wow. i think we'll defer to frank who was old enough -- [laughter] >> to do that. but, you know, in a sense, the war in vietnam was fought against. we withdrew because of domestic reasons. not so much what happened in vietnam. the soviets also the same thing. they did not lose a single encounter to the afghan jihad while they were there for almost ten years. major encounter. in vietnam, we didn't really lose any major encounter to the north vietnamese. the war will be fought within washington. we're fighting two wars. you have to really look at both of them together. >> there's a -- i think there's a very important disof text between vietnam and afghanistan. vietnam was bipolar. you know, the country was either inform support of what had been the
qaeda." nbc's andrea mitchell with us from our washington newsroom. andrea, those were carefully-chosen words today. >> reporter: indeed they were, brian. the tough declaration, "we are at war with al qaeda," seemed to be a direct response to critics from the right especially former vice president dick cheney. the president said ultimately the buck stops with him and today was taking the reins and trying to close some of the gaping holes in the huge intelligence bureaucracy created after 9/11. critics say there are too many agencies, no sheriff in town. now the president is telling his director of national intelligence, dennis blair, that he is the sheriff. he wants leads to be followed up more rapidly with clear lines of responsibility. his own staff will be reviewing the agencies every month to make sure they are strengthening their analysis and sharing intelligence rapidly. that speech was tough, but importantly, the president said tonight that as long as he is president, we will not hunker down or let some band of men intent on killing men, women or children define the charac
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